Sunday, 16 March 2014

New Look Lovin'

Beautysets - New Look Lovin'
1. Monochrome Shirt (£17.99)
2. Cream Jumper (£17.99)
3. Pink Coat (£54.99)
4. Black Boots (£24.99)

Over the past few years, New Look has been miles off my radar when looking for new buy. I would rarely visit their website and the occasional store visit would leave me disappointed. I felt their items weren't to my taste anymore. Even the shoe department, which I've always seemed to appreciated above the clothing, lacked any appeal.

However, in the past few months I have rekindled my love for a store which was once a firm favourite of mine during my teenage years. I find myself checking their 'new in' page daily leading to a growing number of items on my wishlist page. In my opinion they are currently doing a great job of replicating the latest fashion trends for a much cheaper price than the pricier high street stores, without compromising on quality. If the time is taken to look, there are definitely some gems to be found. Namely, the items I have picked up over the last few weeks, which I have been very happy and impressed with.

Monochrome Gingham Shirt - The gingham print is everywhere at the moment and I was eager to get involved and add some gingham into my life. This long sleeve shirt is on trend, easy to style and super soft. I got a size 8 in the shirt and its slightly over-sized, making it perfect to wear with leggings. Shirts have been one of my favourite clothing pieces to buy recently because they are so easy to work with, I love pairing them with a jumper and leggings for an easy outfit for university. 

Cream Fisherman Jumper - This is pretty much your bog standard jumper. A simple, basic, staple that everyone should have in their wardrobe. I like that it's slightly cropped because I mostly layer shirts underneath jumpers and I like that a bit of shirt can peep out of the bottom. 

Pink Mohair Longline Coat - On the slightly more expensive side (but totally worth it) is this statement pink coat. The pink trend has been so popular recently so this is the perfect spring time addition to my wardrobe. I sized up in this coat to the size 10 as I found the 8 a little restricting.

Chunky Chelsea Boots - I'm struggling to remember the last time I bought a pair of black boots... which definitely proves that these were something special. These came up a little big on me so I sized down to a size 5 (usually a size 6) which made them the perfect fit. I would usually opt for flat boots but surprisingly I fell in love with the little heels on these as I think it adds a touch of girly-ness (even though I don't really need the extra height!). They've been really comfortable to wear and go with pretty much every outfit... it's hard to believe that they only cost £24.99!

Are you a fan of New Look? Do any of these items take your fancy? 



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