Monday, 5 May 2014

Fluffy Jumper & Dogtooth Leggings

Sunglasses | Primark
Dogtooth Leggings | Topshop

Unfortunately this long sleeved fluffy jumper doesn't show up true to colour in these photos, it's actually baby pink... definitely not white! Even so, I thought I would put the photos up as I love this outfit. If you like the look of this pink fluffy jumper (I think it's a great piece to have for spring), then head over to the Missguided website ASAP as it's currently discounted to £9.99 which is amazing. 

There is no hiding the fact that I'm loving round sunglasses this year, every pair I've bought so far have been round. These particular white sunnies are a such a bargain from Primark at £3 and they also do a black version which I have too! Onto the shoes, these slip ons are so stylish and the fur is a great way of adding texture to an outfit. Also I think the price (£20) is really reasonable for Topshop. Admittedly, so far they are killing my feet when I wear them because I am breaking them in, but hopefully it's nothing a few plasters can't fix! The dogtooth leggings, or any patterned leggings for that matter, are so versatile as they can easily be dressed up or dressed down. This outfit shows an option of how I style them in the day but I've also worn them on nights out with a black cami, necklace and heels. 

On a side note, sorry if I'm MIA over the next few weeks. I have exams coming up and once they are finished my degree will be completely over - crazy, happy and sad times! So apologies in advance for the lack of posts during this time but I'm sure you can understand how stressful it can be. Good luck to anyone who is in the same situation and I look forward to getting straight back into the swing of blogging as soon as my exams are over.

Let me know what you think of this outfit :)



  1. I have so much love for a fluffy jumper. This one looks perfect x

  2. I love your sneakers!