Monday, 30 March 2015

MAC Lipstick & Lip Liner Combinations

MAC lipstick and lip liner combinations

I totally blame Kylie Jenner for the whole lip liner frenzy and I'm determined to get my hands on Velvet Teddy lipstick and Whirl lip liner if they ever come back into stock! In the mean time, I thought I would share my favourite combinations of MAC lipsticks and lip liners from my current collection...

Russian Red & Cherry Lip Liner
mac russian red and cherry lip liner

Diva & Vino Lip Liner
mac diva and vino lip liner

Please Me & Soar Lip Liner
mac please me and soar lip liner

Rebel & Vino Lip Liner
mac rebel and vino lip liner

Flat Out Fabulous & Magenta Lip Liner
mac flat out fabulous and magenta lip liner

All of the lipsticks are matte finishes apart from Rebel which is a satin finish. Matte formulas are by far my favourite as I love the look they give on my lips compared to some of the other more sheer or shiny formulas. As for the lip pencils, the formula of them works really well aside from the colour Vino which I do find clings to the dry patches on my lips. For the most part they are soft and glide on smoothly without dragging whilst also maintaining that pencil-like texture to allow for control to give a precise edge around the lips. The lip pencils can be worn on their own as they are greatly pigmented and I especially like the look of Soar by itself.

I find that lip liners in general come in so handy if you're going for a dark lip in order to keep everything neat and prevent your lipstick from bleeding. As well as this, achieving fuller lips is easily done by overdrawing them slightly. Plus the extra layer underneath your lipstick will help to make the lip colour last that bit longer.

I hope this was helpful to see some of the lipstick and lip liner combinations I love. I think my favourite pairing would have to be the classic Russian Red & Cherry lip liner which in my opinion are a match made in heaven and together they never fail to create the perfect red lip!


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