Sunday, 15 March 2015

New In: Barry M Quick Dry Nail Paints

Top Left | 'Pit Stop'
Top Right | 'Eat My Dust'
Bottom Left | 'In A Heartbeat'
Bottom Right | 'Stop The Clock'

I don't know whether I'm particularly unlucky or I'm just really impatient when it comes to nail painting but more often than not I seem to chip or smudge my nails quickly after they have been painted. This is mainly due to the fact that they haven't fully dried by the time I've given up waiting around for them to set. Enter the new Barry M Quick Dry Nail Paints which as you can imagine caught my attention! Not only do they claim to be fast drying, they also come in the most perfect spring ready colour range (aka my favourite kind of colours to wear on my nails). 

I had to go and pick up the colours 'Pit Stop' (grey with a lilac undertone), 'Eat My Dust' (pale blue), 'In A Heartbeat' (peachy coral) and 'Stop The Clock' (pastel yellow). I'm a big fan of the wide brush on these because it means application is quick as it covers my whole nail in one go. I've already worn 'Pit Stop', 'Eat My Dust' and 'In A Heartbeat' which all required three coats for the finish I like. As I had a few layers on my nails, it meant that I was still able to smudge my nails after quite a few minutes so these didn't really work for me in terms of drying quickly. Also I must say that I much prefer the formula of the Barry M Gelly High Shine Nail Paints as I feel like they give a smoother finish on my nails. However this doesn't mean that I am going to stop using this new collection as I am a little bit in love with the shade range.

Overall I think they are worth picking up just because the colours are amazing and are ideal for transitioning into spring. It's hard to pick a favourite shade so far but it would have to be between 'Pit Stop' and 'In A Heartbeat', but as I say I haven't had a chance to give 'Stop The Clock' a try yet! These nail paints retail at the usual price of £3.99 but I picked up mine on an offer in Boots for two for £7!


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