Sunday, 13 March 2016

Review: MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks

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When I first saw that these babies had been released I knew I had to have them! It just so happens that the release date coincided with my sisters trip to America so I managed to get all three for $20 each instead of £20! I do think the UK price point is a lot of money, so I only would tend to buy these at duty free or in America where they are much cheaper. 

I'm really happy with the three shades I picked... I went for 'Feels So Grand' (true red), 'Tailored To Tease' (pinky purple, similar to MAC lipstick 'Flat Out Fabulous') and 'Oh Lady (plum). Formula wise, 'FSG' and 'TTT' are the same however I did find that 'OL' looked a little bit patchy when it had dried, as you can kind of see in the swatches below.

mac feels so grand swatch
L-R 'Feels So Grand', 'Tailored To Tease', 'Oh Lady'
In terms of the packaging of them I am not a huge fan, but it is good that they are transparent so that the colour is visible immediately. The application will take a few tries to get used to and to perfect but in general I think the applicator is easy to control as it is firm and it's a great shape too. I did use a lip liner underneath with two of the shades which did help quite a bit with the application.

As soon as they have dried on your lips, they are smudge proof and completely set so this means that they have great longevity. I did the food test with them and was really impressed, after eating my lips didn't look too bad at all. I did reapply after eating and I found that the reapplication was fine. I think they are a great option for nights out as they do last and don't budge throughout the night, you don't even need to worry about touching up!

I wouldn't say the formula feels particularly comfortable on your lips but I definitely love the finish it gives. If you are looking for the ultimate matte lip then these will be right up your street. Comparing to the matte lipsticks that MAC offer, these are definitely much more of a matte finish and could be drying if you do suffer from dry lips. I mosturise my lips every night so I tend to not find these drying. 

mac liquid lipstick swatches
L-R 'Feels So Grand', 'Tailored To Tease', 'Oh Lady'
Overall I'm really impressed with these Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I can't wait to get my hands on a few more shades so I am glad that they are a permanent line and not limited edition. I feel like the next one I buy will be a nude shade, the one I have been eyeing up is called 'Lady Be Good'.